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Nearly Done

Outside our Hong Kong hotel window are skyscrapers high into the air. But the thing is, we are already on the 18th floor and it's a long way to the ground too. The vineyards and plane trees of the Canal du Midi are a long way from here. 
One more day and our 50 days away will be over. I'm looking forward to going home to my own house and my Brontë. I'll have to wait a bit longer to see Lucy seeing as she moved to Melbourne last week.
It's been great to go and see a bit more of our amazing world, and also been good to be removed from local issues. 
I'm looking forward to having vegemite on toast and catching up with friends. 
Then to start planning the next trip......

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Back in Paris

The canal was great and very interesting but it's great to be back in Paris. 2 weeks is long enough to be in close quarters with a dinky shower and pump toilet. It was good to have been bare foot and no make up too.
We are staying in the 5th Ade this time, a part of Paris we haven't seen before. Our hotel is opposite the  main entrance to the Sorbonne and it's a really lovely area. Lots of students, bars, cinemas and quirky shops, cafes and relatively few tourists. Walked our legs off yesterday in much cooler weather, very welcome. Tomorrow we start the journey homeward (to Hong Kong) 

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My Renaissance Man

He knows his Monets from his Van Goghs, his Shiraz from his Pinot, his Cuvier from his Camembert, his Pastis from his Calvodos, but he has also engineered new systems for most of France, and last night, when the water got sloppy and noisy,  he got up in the middle of the night and made a dam. I love this man.

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Some good things about churches

We stumbled upon two unexpected pleasures in two cathedrals. The first was in Aix en Provence. We happened to walk in on a Sunday evening when the mammoth church pipe organ was being played. It was quite magnificent.
The other was in Carcassonne where we walked into the medieval cathedral when a five piece Russian male choir were singing. Choir singing is one of my all time favourite things and these gentlemen were sublime. There is something about sitting in the serenity of an old dark church and having beautiful harmonies wash over you. A very memorable experience. 

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More on the canal

It's day 7, half way through our canal journey. We have been through 66 locks, with only 14 to go. The busy end of the journey is over. 
Many gorgeous villages, too many temptations of things to buy. Way too many wineries. We now have to drink a bottle per day to use up what we've bought if we don't want to lug it home with us. Oh the trials!
It's still hot, particularly so when we're out in it all day and hauling ropes.
It has been a lot busier than I had expected, with stops every few km to look at things.

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