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Villefranche sur mer

A swim in the Mediterranean

Tuesday was another scorcher so we went to this beach just past Nice on the way to Monaco.it was quite an effort to actually get into bathers and to the waters edge, but the water was sublime. Warm and clear and a great place to spend the afternoon. The main difference to home was firstly the temperature of the water, secondly, the lack of sand - all pebbles and rocks, and thirdly, the lack of sunburn, nicest have a bit of protective ozone here. Had a late afternoon walk and another seaside dinner. It's a great way to spend a few hours - watching the comings and goings of all the boats.

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Monte Carlo

And I am not talking biscuits people....

Today Karyn and I took the train on the short coastal hop to Monaco. This place is where all the big boats play, nothing much under 100 foot is allowed in or so it seems. The Principality perches on the side of a cliff zig zagged by impossibly small roads and long stairs. We happened on an electric car hire establishment, so with Karyn holding on with the white knuckles, we zoomed up to the Palace de Grimaldi, oops no parking out the front, and then onwards and upwards. Ah but this is electric, so it may charge running down the hill, but first it must get up ze hill. Not quite so. After 2 hours it was tired and emotional and required a little push start from Karyn to make it back to base. Great Fun. All that was left was an assult on the Casino Royale. So armed with no more than 20E and a couple of passports we made our approach. Disarmed of my camera at the door, we entered the inner sanctum with only 3 cameras left between us. After careful consideration, Karyn attacked the less obvious one- armed bandit and beat it into submission. Once the money it was doubled, we cut and ran. A small but decisive win. Over all, big boats, steep hills, really crowded.

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Its been nice to discover that Nice is a quieter city than I'd imagined. There's generally a holiday feel about the place too so it generally a lot slower pace than Paris. The general consensus is that this is a long hot summer. Temperatures still in the high 20s this week. I thought the breeze off the med might be cool, but it's actually very warm. There's lots of cement and not much shade. The heat saps your energy - even Jim was flagging early yesterday. We've decided we should be more like the locals, and go home for a siesta in the afternoon. French and Swiss shops and bars close up for about 2 hours, even the post office.

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Wine in Europe is labelled by region not variety. There's no point deciding you want to drink a Shiraz. You need to know either who makes a good one, or the region it's from. So choosing the evening tipple has been a bit various (and mostly jim's job). I don't think we've has a bad one yet, but certainly nothing spectacular. Table wines are what they're known as. Very drinkable, but unremarkable.

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Leaving Lutry

Lutry was an absolute pleasure to visit. It's definitely on the return to list. As we left this morning, there was a market on - a special end of summer market which mostly sold 2nd hand clothes. I have never seen anything like it. It was full of the most exquisite designer clothes, most for around $10. Sadly I am not a size 6,8,10 or even 12, so nothing there for me. As we were on our way to a train, I didn't have the time to look for things for the daughters. But wow! It was definitely the place for a spectacular bargain. 

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