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Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado About David

When I discovered that this play starring David Tennant and Catherine Tate was on whilst we were going to be in London, I was very excited and booked tickets months in advance. I'm a Dr Who fan and DT is my fave. What a great combination of DT and CT for a Shakespeare play. When the day came I was keen to pick up the tickets early and was very glad to be finally seated ready for the show to begin. Then Catherine came out on stage to announce that David had lost his voice the day before and would not be performing! I was hugely disappointed. The play was great and the understudy did a great job. But I came to see David Tennant. It took me a while to settle in and enjoy the show. I even had a little cry, I was so disappointed. I felt like a silly teenager - not sure why such a big reaction. Surely much ado about nothing.

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In between being entertained by Fiona O'Louchlin and Stephen Fry, we saw the salt planes of China, the Himalayas, Mount Everest, and Moscow. Travelling in a small metal capsule never ceases to amaze me.

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The perfect traveling companion

I am a lucky girl.
You've gotta love a man who sees the Dior counters first, and takes me over to compare perfume prices, who sits and waits for me while I have many little rests, who carries my stuff and finds me the public toilets, who never gets impatient.
I am a lucky girl.

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Hong Kong

Mid levels

If someone made me live in HK, I could live in the mid levels - taking an escalator to town and home is a great idea.
It is of course ridiculously hot, and I'm actually looking forward to the cool of London.
A Tassie girl is not designed to live in the tropics (not this one anyway)

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Hong kong

Friday in hong kong
HK is apparently as hot as Singapore this time of year, so that means I've worked up a lovely red glow which will be with me till we leave on Monday. 
Spent the day riding trams and popping in and out of shops. Bought 6 bananas for $1. 
In the evening we went on the peak tram to Victoria Peak to watch the sun set over the city- quite stunning. Had a great meal on the balcony of cafe deco with the whole city and bay beside us.
Saturday in HK
even hotter today with full sun 35 degrees and 500000% humidity. Took a few trains out to Sha Tin which is where mum and dad stayed several years ago. Massive 10 storey shopping centre - an interesting look at suburban HK life on a weekend. Having a little spell now before taking a ferry across the harbour and watching the light show.

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